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Umm ad Dami daily tour – No Overnight

The second day

Jebel Umm Adami is the highest mountain in Jordan at 1832m and you can see Saudi Arabia up to the Red Sea on a clear day.

We will pick you up from the village and drive you through the desert about 40 km south to Jebel Umm Adami. This is a wonderful journey through the far valleys of Wadi Rum and crossing the beautiful and lonely Wadi Saab. Upon arrival, you will have a guided walk to the gallery that you will climb up Um Adami Mountain and then after resting at the top you will descend into a nice secluded area. While resting and photographing, your guide will start cooking your lunch

We will take you on Jeep around surrounding area before another sunset and night at camp.

After sunset, we will take you back to Rum Village.


  • Driver of an advertised jeep
  • Water, tea and lunch


Option Price
1 person 90 dinars / person
2-4 people 65 dinars / person
5-8 people 50 dinars / person
9 people or more 30 dinars / person
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